Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Vegetable Oil (SVO) Conversion

I was hesitant to do the dual tank system due to the fact I’m always driving oil Mercedes Diesels that usually only last a few years. The $1000 kit and subsequent installation costs were daunting, since that’s usually in keeping with the average value of my cars.
A few nights ago I said, damn it, I’m doing it, and I’m doing it myself. No kit, I’m going to invent and install my own low cost system.

Here are my materials cost:

6 and ½ gallon plastic tank – in need of modification $9.99
10 feet of 3/8 copper tubing – for the heater coil for inside the tank $11.92
6 feet of Plastic flex hose 5.70
10 feet of 3/8 fuel line $11.25
30 feet of coolant hose $30.00
(2) boxes of 10 hose clamps 7.00 each $13.00
¾ ounce tube of adhesive- for tank conversion
Small generic fuel pump - to keep the pressure from the rear of the car 31.30
In-line filter 7.50
Marine cartrage style fuel filter $29.99
(3) 3/8 break lines for fuel line 15.00
Momentary switch on-off-on $ 6.50
On-off switch $2.99
Misc adapters and unions 24.00
Misc pre-existing suppies (bolts, nuts, rivets, etc) app $14.00
Used fuel tank switch from Ford 1983 F-250 (donated) estimated value $40

Total out of pocket costs $202.13
+ existing and donated parts 54.00 (estimate)
Total cost = 256.13

instalation was most of a day for two guys including head scratching. This project would have been much more time consuming if I didn't have access to a lift.